Archive Coffee & Bar

By day, Archive roasts and serves specialty coffee; by night, we present spirits and cocktails, food, wine and beer pairings.


One side of Archive is coffee. We meticulously roast small batches of lively coffees – drawing out sweetness and brightness without contributing roasty or burnt notes. At Archive, our approach to coffee is marked with curiosity and learning, experimentation and research. Coffee is a science to be learned, a story to be told and an ever-growing work of craftsmanship. And underneath all the science, history and craftsmanship lies this: coffee is about people. It brings us together, stimulates creativity, gives us something to talk over and talk about. We love coffee because we love people.

Archive's approach to the bar is rooted both in history and innovation. We are drawing from the Golden Age of the cocktail – a time when quality spirits, complex liquors, and fresh ingredients were at the heart of mixed drinks. We are building a library of artisan spirits. Our wine cellar is full of interesting and carefully selected bottles. Our beer program celebrates and keeps pace with the burgeoning craft beer industry. We have poured ourselves into the art of bartending with the hope that the glasses we pass across the bar are not only beautiful and interesting culinary pieces, but stories to congregate over and pieces of life to be shared.

Our food program is not exempt from Achive's culture of fervor, proficiency and thoughtfulness. We invite you to a seasonal menu of northwest style tapas and elevated peasant food. Sit at our table, we're excited to cook for you.

At Archive, we are passionate about excellence, knowledge and continued growth. To all the enthusiasts out there, come learn with us! And to the rest, you don't have to be an expert to enjoy this. Leave the study, experimentation and obsessing to us, we hope you simply enjoy your drink.