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We are a specialty coffee roasting shop in Salem, Oregon called Archive Coffee Roasters. Our dedication to gorgeous coffee is an extension of our strong belief in hospitality - it is our way of insisting on nothing but the very best for our guests. If you share these same values, we welcome you to serve our coffee to your guests.

We source our coffees from the best importers in the country who seek out the top coffees from micro-lots around the world. We approach coffee as a seasonal crop & only purchase coffees that score 85 points & up. Sweet, bright, clean coffee is no mistake - the best coffee farmers intentionally produce this amazing raw product, & it is our objective as handlers (Shippers, Roasters, Baristas) to maintain its full integrity. We roast to underscore the fantastic flavor of these coffees. We take every aspect of this process very seriously & focus on how we can maximize the full potential in each coffee.

These are some of the most extraordinary coffees you will taste. Our Scandinavian roasting technique allows the coffee to express its quality, delivering a sweet, lively & beautifully clear cup. We are extremely passionate about our craft & have poured all of our knowledge, experimentation & care into sourcing, storing, roasting & brewing coffees that are remarkable.

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